celebrating 20 years

Celebrate this adventure with us all year
and win prizes!

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This is the


Our one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art spatiotemporal ship!

Our team crafted this technological gem in complete secrecy.

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#01 | February 3 to April 3, 2020


Create and win your own Gandi T-shirt

The Gandi-One crew needs you!

Put your creativity to the test by creating your own flight uniform and put it to a vote on Twitter!

Try to win your t-shirt design as well as a Fairphone and participate in the big drawing to win a trip.

Follow the contest with #PrintMyGandi!

#02 | Monthly event, starting March 20


24 hours to try your luck: thousands of prizes up for grabs!

Gandi-One’s course has disrupted the space-time continuum.

Every 20th day of the month, a temporal rift opens!
Communication between the two timelines is broken.

Restablish contact within 24 hours and win any of a number of prizes at play! Participate in the big final drawing to win a trip.

Your turn to spin the wheel.

#03 | End of 2020


In search of the lost domain

Is it a good idea to play with the space-time continuum?

For legend speaks of a lost domain name, only reachable by traveling backwards in time…

A domain name that must not fall into the wrong hands…

thousands of prizes to win!

A huge drawing to win a trip, but also:

Digital prizes like phones, tablets…

Free domain names

of classic t-shirts
from the last 20 years

Discount coupons for domain names and hosting


Follow updates on our 20th anniversary adventure on our blog.