celebrating 20 years

Celebrate this adventure with us all year
and win prizes!

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This is the


Our one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art spatiotemporal ship!

Our team crafted this technological gem in complete secrecy.

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#01 | February 3 to April 3, 2020


Create and win your own Gandi T-shirt

The Gandi-One crew needs you!

Put your creativity to the test by creating your own flight uniform and put it to a vote on Twitter!

Try to win your t-shirt design as well as a Fairphone and participate in the big drawing to win a trip.

Follow the contest with #PrintMyGandi!

#02 | “coming soon”


48 hours to try your luck: thousands of prizes up for grabs!

Gandi-One’s course has disrupted the space-time continuum.

Every month, a temporal rift opens!
Communication between the two timelines is broken.

Restablish contact within 48 hours and win any of a number of prizes at play ! Participate in the big final drawing to win a trip.

Your turn to spin the wheel.

#03 | End of 2020


In search of the lost domain

Is it a good idea to play with the space-time continuum?

For legend speaks of a lost domain name, only reachable by traveling backwards in time…

A domain name that must not fall into the wrong hands…

thousands of prizes to win!

A huge drawing to win a trip, but also:


Digital prizes like phones, tablets…


Free domain names


of classic t-shirts
from the last 20 years


Discount coupons for domain names and hosting


Follow updates on our 20th anniversary adventure on our blog.

Due to the current situation globally, we’re delaying our 20th anniversary festivities, notably our lottery.wheel. Meanwhile, our t-shirt design contest—launched before the present crisis—is still ongoing. We will update you on this shortly. Please take care of yourself! more infos